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Brick Masonry in Muskegon Heights MI

For residential and commercial fireplace refacing, concrete brickwork, and lintel replacement, rely on the experienced team at CJ Masonry, LLC! Give us a call at 231-747-7259.

CJ Masonry, LLC is a reliable brick masonry company serving Muskegon Heights, MI and the surrounding areas

Our team is skilled in masonry for all types of materials, from brick to natural stone to concrete and even glass. Want to learn more about what we do? Check out our gallery of past residential and commercial projects, as well as in-progress jobs!

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CJ Masonry, LLC

CJ Masonry, LLC is a fully-licensed and -insured masonry company serving Muskegon Heights, MI. With expertise in brick, stone, concrete, and even glass masonry, we are your trusted choice when it comes to long-lasting results. We place a strong emphasis on the customer experience.